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Going The Quartz Way!!!

Quartz has off-late gone on to become the first choice of interior designers as well as architects and started to rule the roost. Not many minerals which we can think of can match up with the unparalleled effect that it has because of its properties and appearance.

Gone are the times when we often saw granite dominating our work and home space. And why not!! It looked pleasing, sophisticated, and offered a very elegant and elite look to the ambience. But all good things become better with time when we adopt CHANGE. And an industry like construction where things move swiftly, a refresh button often gets pressed in no time.

Quartz, today has become a choice of many, so much so that it has started to conquer spheres which were once ruled by the likes of granite and others. It happens to be an engineered stone, manufacturing of which offers an array of colors, which seems to be missing from stones like marble and granite. Being engineered, its appearance is rich and luxurious making it one of the most preferred elements used in construction. Quartz holds fort amongst other plentiful abundant minerals as it is low on maintenance, durable and often fits into one’s budget. The ambient surface created by this mineral can be expected to last a lifetime.

Quartz is all around us today

Because quartz is visually so appealing, its usage as worktops in kitchens and offices has become pretty sought after. Besides, it does not crack or chip easily making it more durable as compared to concrete and granite. The stone due to its exclusive property of being heat and stain resistant has found a perfect home in modern kitchens and floors too.

Quartz is sleek, looks modern, gives a very smooth finish and is non-porous, making it bacteria resistant. Most of the modern kitchen designs have adopted quartz in its worktops due to its germ-free uniqueness.

Why choose anything bland when you have a range of colors to put your hands on….!!

Quartz is beautiful! We say it with a lot of conviction because it offers colors that are sure to catch your eye. Options are pretty endless as one can find natural colors like whites, blacks and browns and also exquisite offerings such as golds or blues. This mineral provides liveliness to whichever part it is present in and never disappoints when it comes to both durability and style.

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